Adapt The Technology That Best Suits Your Practice

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Secure and Hassle-free

Patient’s data will be secured with EMR (Electronic Medical Record), assuring streamlined and hassle-free service.

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Seamless Performance

Experience consistent workflow that ensures smooth clinical experience to your patients.

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A subscription based cloud software with least upfront cost for effective practice management.

Clinic management simplified for you

DocHours is the best clinic management software based in India that aims to provide doctors and small scale clinics with a solution consolidating features like booking appointments, electronic prescribing, electronic health records, practice management, and support. A cloud-based, cost-effective clinic management software that eases the patient's journey where medical prescriptions and test results can be viewed online and downloaded when needed.

For doctors

A tailored solution for doctors to accelerate clinic workflow.

Feature rich clinic’s dashboard

A well-articulated dashboard

The patient's diagnostic history can be viewed on the dashboard which will help doctors to provide better care when consulting. Create custom notes for patients that are helpful for future reference.

  • History of diagnosis is saved for immediate medical treatment.

  • Schedule an appointment for the patient from the main dashboard.

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Manage your schedules

Booking and scheduling appointments online helps you stay organized eliminating chances of missing out on the patients.

  • Manage patient status from the dashboard.

  • Confirm or cancel a booking made by a patient.

  • Choose a consulting duration for the patient.

  • Reschedule the patient’s booking.

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Know your doctor

Create a smart profile for doctors under various departments for easy management.

  • Let the patients know the availability prior to consulting.

  • Incorporating the doctor’s details in the profile will help the patient get a better view of the doctor.

For admins

Streamline all your clinic management processes from the Admin dashboard.

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For effortless booking

Having a highly organized schedule will enable smooth booking in your clinic.

  • Manage bookings remotely.

  • Set minimum consultation time for doctors.

  • Organizing schedules for doctors.

  • Track and manage booking status.

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Manage your patients

A standardized dashboard for managing all the patients in your clinic.

  • All medical records are protected and can be retrieved at any time.

  • Manage new out-patients.

  • Unique patient ID for patient tracking

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Organize schedules

Manage a busy day schedule from a single dashboard.

  • Patients get an email confirmation on booking and canceling appointments.

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Dr. Sandra Clark
- Managin Director, Doctorts Clinic

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